How Can You Fix Adding Too Much Baking Soda in Your Cookie Recipe?

Photo by Shakti Rajpurohit on Unsplash

Baking soda is an important ingredient in any baking recipe. It helps the dough rise and makes your cookies (or anything else you’re baking) fluffy and soft. If you’ve ever forgotten to add baking soda, you know how flat and dense the cookies are without it. But what can you do if you put too much of it?

Although baking soda is necessary when baking, adding more of it doesn’t mean you’ll get better cookies. In fact, too much baking soda will make your cookies lose flavor and texture. Baking soda works by releasing carbon dioxide when mixed with liquid and getting the right amount is crucial.

If you put too much of it in the dough, don’t panic. First, see if you can take some of it out. If you’ve already mixed it with the other ingredients, perhaps you can adjust the amount of everything and just make more? This works if you know how much you’ve added, for example, one extra teaspoon or one tablespoon instead of a teaspoon.

If the dough has been mixed, you don’t know how much baking soda is in it or if your cookies are already baking, there’s not much you can do. Decide if you want to throw everything right away or try baking them anyway. If they don’t turn out right, start from scratch.