Peeling Ginger Isn’t Necessary

Ginger on a cutting board
Photo by Lawrence Aritao on Unsplash

Most of us were very picky eaters when we were kids, but we learned and adapted over time and now don’t mind some things we used to. For instance, some of us used to be bothered by the peels on various fruits and vegetables. But of course, many fruits and vegetables don’t need to be peeled, despite what your five-year-old self thought. Interestingly enough, ginger is also something you don’t have to peel.

Totally Optional

Peeling ginger is one of the most tedious kitchen tasks, and most of us believe that it needs to be peeled before using it. The problem with the ginger root is its shape, which is very irregular and can make peeling very difficult. The good news is that peeling ginger is totally optional, and if you feel like skipping it, it won’t really change anything.

Know Your Ginger

Ginger peel is very thin and leaving it on won’t really make any difference. However, you should wash your ginger carefully before eating it or cooking with it. A wash under running water is good, but a scrub with a brush is even better.

In case you have ginger that’s old and wrinkly, peeling it may be necessary, but knowing all this will make you use it up before it gets to that point.