What is Dutch Hagelslag?

Dutch Hagelslag
Dutch Hagelslag. Image by IMelnyk/Depositphotos

Many cultures have food traditions that others may consider weird, but this one that comes from the Netherlands is simply quirky and cute. The residents of this European country often eat a particular sweet breakfast that many foreigners are confused by. The idea is simple—they make a toast, spread some butter over it, and cover with hagelslag, or sprinkles. Curious to know more?

Hagelslag and sprinkles are very similar in appearance but hagelslag comes in many different flavors and with a higher cocoa content. They are typically used for breakfast, not for desserts, and they are very popular around the country.

If you want to make Dutch breakfast at home, it’s very easy. Depending on where you live, you may be able to get the original hagelslag or you can just use the regular chocolate sprinkles. Get some good bread and toast it, then spread butter on it. Top the bread with some hagelslag and your breakfast is ready!

If you managed to get your hands on some hagelslag, you want to store it properly so it will last longer. Keep it in a cool and dry place. Keep in mind that the chocolate will melt at high temperatures, so it’s not a mistake to store it in the fridge.