6 Tips for Eating in Restaurants When You Are on a Diet

Eating at a restaurant
Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

When you are on a diet or just want to keep healthy eating habits, going to the restaurant for lunch or dinner can be quite a challenge. With all that delicious (and usually unhealthy) food tempting you, it is hard to make the right decision and stick to your diet plan. But don’t worry—if you follow the tips below, you can ensure that dining out becomes an enjoyable experience that won’t deter you from eating healthily.

Eat Something Before Going Out

Going to a restaurant hungry is a recipe for disaster when you are on a diet. Not only are you more prone to ordering something unhealthy, but you are also more likely to overfill. This is why you should always have a healthy snack at home before dining out. Hunger won’t distract you when ordering food while this will also help you eat in moderation

Do Your Homework on the Restaurant

If it’s the first time you are going to a particular restaurant, then you should do some research before. Check out the menu if it’s available online and see which healthy options they are offering. Also, dive into the reviews to see if people already recommended dishes that won’t interfere with your diet.

Be the First One to Order

Now that you know the offerings of the restaurant don’t waste your time doubting yourself. When the waiter comes, be the first one to place your order. This practice will help you not to be distracted and tempted by the things that others order.

Double Down on Veggies

The easiest way to ensure a healthy meal is to double down on veggies. So order a salad and make it your main meal. Or ask the waiter to bring you veggies as a side dish instead of an unhealthy option like French fries. A bonus tip related to ordering a salad is to skip the dressing. Depending on what’s in them, the dressings can be quite caloric. Alternatively, ask the waiter to put the dressing on the side.

Drink a Lot of Water

The best drink to pair with your meal will always be water. Drinking water before and during meals will not only help you avoid sweetened drinks, but it will also make you feel full.

Skip the Dessert

All the hard work you’ve put into maintaining your healthy eating habits can be ruined by the dessert. So, instead of going for a chocolate cake, think about skipping dessert entirely and go for a coffee. Or at least go for something like yogurt or fruit salad (without the whipped cream).