How to Make Your Own Chips

Potato chips. Make your own at home.
Image by Charlotte Govaert from Pixabay

We don’t know about you but, sometimes, when we cook our own unhealthy food at home, it makes us feel better about it being unhealthy. Because, after all, you do have more control over the process and can choose just how much oil and salt to use. Anyway, whether you’re deluding yourself into thinking making your own chips is better for you or just like the challenge of making things on your own that are typically store-bought, here are some tips on how to make your own potato chips.

Use Russet Potatoes

The best potatoes for homemade chips are russet potatoes, which have less moisture than other varieties, helping them get crispy without getting overcooked.

Slice Thin

One of the most important parts of getting your potato chips crispy is slicing them as thinly as possible. Using a mandolin is your best bet to get thin, even slices.

Rinse Twice

Rinsing your potato slices to get off the extra starch is a crucial step that will help the potatoes from caramelizing and browning too much before they get crispy.

Dry Well

Whether you use a salad spinner or pat dry, getting your potato slices fully dry before frying is crucial to avoid too much oil splatter.

Fry in Hot Oil

To get your chips properly crispy, you’ll want to fry them in oil at a temperature of 350°F to 360°F.