It Might Be Time to Finally Replace Your Cutting Board

Replacing your cutting board
Photo by Sébastien Marchand on Unsplash

Just like any other kitchen tool, cutting boards can’t last you for an eternity. Even if you take really good care of yours, there will come a moment when you’ll need to replace it. If you’re noticing one of these three signs, chances are that moment is already here.

Difficult Cleanup

Washing your cutting board shouldn’t be a struggle, but scratches and water spots can make it difficult to clean. If you feel like you’re wasting more time than you should be trying to properly clean your cutting board, maybe it’s time to think of getting a new one.

Significant Damage

The age of a cutting board isn’t necessarily measured by time, but by the damage it sustained. In addition to looking bad, worn-out cutting boards can be a breeding ground for bacteria, because the moisture will end up trapped in all the grooves and scratches on their surface.

Right Material

Wooden cutting boards are more popular than plastic ones for a reason, and they have a much longer life-span. Once your wooden cutting board is no longer in such a great shape, you can still try saving it by sanding the surface, but that’s not the case with plastic models.