3 Fried Chicken Myths You Should Stop Believing

Fried chicken myths
Photo by Ke Vin on Unsplash

Fried chicken may not have the best reputation in terms of health, but it’s one of those comfort foods that we always come back to. As with any popular and wide-ranging food, there are plenty of persistent myths regarding the best ways to cook and serve fried chicken. Here are a few such common beliefs that are simply false.

You Need a Deep Fryer to Make It

Unfortunately, this myth keeps many people from making their own fried chicken at home. In reality, fried chicken can be made perfectly well in a cast-iron skillet, and it may even be a better choice. It’s easier to get cast iron to the temperature you want it at, and it retains heat more effectively.

It’s Okay to Fry It Out of the Fridge

Frying chicken when it’s cold is a bad idea because it will lower the temperature of the oil, and cause the chicken to cook unevenly. Undercooked chicken is definitely something you want to avoid, so make sure you set your chicken out on the counter for at least 30 minutes before you start frying.

Just Skip the Breading For Low Carb

Omitting the breading part of frying chicken may seem like a clever way to make it more diet-friendly, but the results are bound to be disappointing. Breading fried chicken is essential, not just for the crunch (which is important), but also to seal in the moisture. Without that, the chicken will likely come out dry and greasy.