3 Quirky American Sandwiches You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Cleveland Polish Boy sandwich
Cleveland Polish Boy sandwich. Image by bhofack2/Depositphotos

From BLT to Sloppy Joe, some of the most iconic sandwiches hail from America, but there are quite a few you’ve probably never heard of. If you want to explore the quirky side of American cuisine, stick around to learn more about some of its strangest sandwiches.

Elvis Sandwich

Peanut butter and bananas are a timeless combo and many people enjoy putting them on toast, but can you imagine adding bacon to the mix? Well, that’s exactly the idea behind this sweet-meets-savory sandwich, and the legend has it it was a favorite of none other than Elvis Presley.

Chow Mein Sandwich

Chow mein is the staple of Chinese cuisine, usually made from stir-fried noodles with vegetables. Eating it on its own is all fun and games, but the owners of Chinese-American restaurants in New England during the ’30s decided that just wasn’t enough and started using it as a sandwich and hamburger filling.

Polish Boy

Polish Boy became a huge hit in Cleveland, Ohio before taking the rest of the US by storm and earning itself the reputation of one of the best American sandwiches despite being as quirky as it gets. Its list of ingredients is pretty wild, and it includes everything from French fries and coleslaw to sausages and barbeque sauce.