Places to Buy Meat Besides For Your Grocery Store

While shopping at your local grocery store you’ve probably noticed that the meat counters have been pretty bare. Stores such as Costco and Kroger are actually putting purchasing limits on meat to prevent people from hoarding it and to keep their shelves stocked. But, if you can’t find meat at your grocery stores, here are some places to check out.

Local Farmers Market

Most cities are still planning on having farmers markets this summer, but with social distancing protocols in place. You get to access locally grown, grass-fed meat, organic produce, and baked goods.

CSAs and Farms

In most cities, farm-fresh food can be accessed through community-supported agriculture (CSA), where you pay a monthly or annual membership fee to get a share of your local farms or groups of farms produces. Some offer meat, produce, eggs, and dairy. Many farms have small markets where you can buy a portion or a full animal.

Wholesalers and To-The-Trade Companies

When restaurants and foodservice businesses closed, food suppliers started selling to people at home. Many of the items are only available in large portions, but you can always break them down and freeze them into smaller portions.

Online Options

There are tons of online grocery shipping options that only focus on meat and seafood like Butcher Box, Farmer’s Cart, Heritage Food, and Omaha Steaks.

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