The Best Ways to Use Herb Stems

Nothing beats the flavor of adding fresh herbs to the meals you’re cooking from scratch. There’s something so soothing about the smell of fresh herbs spreading around your kitchen. But when you’re doing this, what do you do with the stems? Most people just throw them out, but you don’t have to. Here’s how to use them.

For Infusing Oils

Have you ever tried herb-infused oils? They’re incredibly delicious and perfect for seasoning salads or for any meal you want. You don’t have to use herb leaves for this; leave them for cooking and use the stems which you’ll take out later.

For Making Soup

Your soup will be even more flavorful if you add herb stems to it while it’s cooking and take them out in the end. Don’t forget to add chopped herb leaves as well, for the most taste.

For Flavoring Sauces

You can finely chop herb stems and add them to the sauces, salads, veggie burgers, and many other meals. They are just as delicious as the leaves and will add a crunchy texture to your food, making it more fun to eat.