This New Pasta Shape is Supposed to Be the Best One Yet

Some people see food as nothing but fuel, while others invest a lot of time and money into making sure they eat the best food they can get. Some of them even go so far that they create new food when they’re not satisfied with what’s available in the stores, and Dan Pashman is one of them.

Pashman is the host of food podcast The Sporkful and claims that he invented the ideal pasta shape that’s better than anything else you can get. He calls it cascatelli, which translates to “little waterfalls” in Italian. His pasta is short, rounded, with a flat strip and ruffles.

It took Pashman three years to develop Castelli. During his “Mission: ImPASTAble,” he tried and studied many different types of pasta until he designed this one. As he told NPR Morning Edition, it adopts “attributes from different shapes that he especially likes that have never been brought together in this way before.”

The perfect pasta shape, according to him, has to have sauceability (how well it can hold sauce), forkability (how easily you can grab it with a fork), and toothsinkability (how well you bite it). Apparently, cascatelli checks all these boxes and is the best pasta ever invented!