Scrumptious Cookie Recipes That Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Photo by Girl with red hat on Unsplash

If you’re craving a delicious dessert after meals or simply looking for a midnight snack, then cookies could be your perfect solution. Still, there are many ways to bake cookies, each of which provides a different taste and texture. Here are some of the best cookie recipes that you should consider preparing.

Sugar Cookies

While chocolate chips are scrumptious, this sugar cookie recipe will prove just how tasty they can be even if made planer. These cookies go particularly well with a steaming hot cup of English breakfast tea.

Cookies ‘N’ Cream Millionaire Shortbread

You’ve heard of shortbread and no doubt you love cookies, but what you may not know is that by combining them you can make a flavor-packed dessert that will impress any dinner guest. What’s more, the chocolate caramel will top it all off with a satisfying twist.

Potato Chip Cookies

Although potato chips may not sound like a natural complement to cookies, the crispy crunch of the chips and the chewy cookies make for an interesting combination. What’s more, this recipe requires only 10 active minutes of prep time before baking.

Cake Mix Cookies

Are you in need of a quick and easy dessert that you can make before your guests arrive? Taking just 30 minutes to make, cake mix cookies can be your perfect solution.