World-Famous Six-Ounce Chocolate Chip Cookie

Image by @jess_y_lam / Instagram

Baked everyday on-site, having many different locations in NY and all with an unending queue, Levain Bakery brings its chocolate chip walnut cookies to another level.

It all started between two friends, Pam Weekes and Connie Mcdonald, who had the mission to create the world’s greatest chocolate chip cookie. While Pam was born in a family that evolves around desserts, Connie grew up in a desserts-free home. How surprising this may sound, today they own one of the most famous bakery’s in the world.

Today, they even ship their cookies to happy fans around the globe.

Baked with natural ingredients, Levain does not only sell cookies. They offer much more, such as muffins, brioches, breads, cakes and even pizza’s.