Three Cheers for These Late Spring Beers!

Tasty ale for spring
Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

We’re heading into the second half of the spring season where thunderstorms, warm days, and time spent outside with friends and family become the name of the game. Choosing the right beer to enjoy in the months of May and June comes down to finding an option that combines flavor with a refreshing character and an ability to go down smooth. Here are three styles that you should add to your beer list.

New England IPA

New England IPAs are the best IPAs in our opinion for this part of the year. Fruity, juicy, and tropical, they can be a little too heavy for the summer season but the next couple of months are an ideal time to enjoy this beer which goes great with a warm day outside.

Amber Ale

Instead of reaching for a macro lager, why not try an Amber Ale? This beer has a relatively simple flavor profile but packs so much more flavor and body. Try sipping one of these along with a burger or steak at dinner time.

American Pale Ales

Are you a fan of hops? If so, an APA is a great option for your late spring beer cravings. A better choice for casual sipping than conventional IPAs thanks to their lower alcohol content and more relaxed hop profile, APAs are a wonderful choice at this time of year.