Get Ready to Celebrate These May 2021 Food Holidays!

Celebrate International Hummus Day!
Photo by Christopher Alvarenga on Unsplash

Believe it or not, the month of May is here and is set to provide us with an ample variety of food holidays to celebrate. If you’re looking to spice up this calendar month and find an opportunity to partake in some food celebrations, you’ll love these three events!

International No Diet Day: May 6th

Diets can be a great ally in our fight to lose weight and become healthier, but when you’re in the middle of one, sometimes it’s best to take a short break. International Diet Day is on the sixth of the month and a fantastic excuse for a “cheat day”.

International Hummus Day: May 13th

This chickpea-based spread and dip, which has surged in popularity over the last couple of decades, will have its day in the spotlight on May 13th. Head to your favorite Middle Eastern restaurant and order a batch, or try making some yourself!

Asparagus Day: May 24th

One of our favorite vegetables to experiment with in the kitchen is asparagus, and Asparagus Day on May 24th is a great chance for you to make a meal including this veggie. We personally like grilled asparagus, but you could also include it in a risotto or oven-roasted!