Useful Tips for Cooking Indian Food

Indian food tips
Photo by Pushpak Dsilva on Unsplash

Though it’s absolutely delicious, cooking Indian food can be a bit intimidating for somebody who has no background in the cuisine whatsoever. If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, here are some tips that it’s recommended you follow.

Toast Before Cooking

To get the most flavor out of your dried goods, consider toasting them in oil before cooking. This includes nuts, rice, and lentils, all of which are very common in Indian cooking.

Fry Seasoning

At the beginning of a recipe that calls for frying in oil, toss your seasonings like mustard seeds and peppercorns into the oil until they make popping noises and then settle down. This will enhance the flavor as well as season your oil, which will then make the rest of your dish more flavorful.

Keep Ginger Garlic Paste on Hand

Ginger garlic paste is a very common ingredient in Indian cooking and can take a little while to make, so making a large batch ahead of time and keeping it frozen in your freezer for future use will save you a lot of time.

Ultimately, Indian cooking is all about having the right ingredients and the bravery to give it a shot. If you have that, you can certainly make it happen!