Tips For Making a Healthy Wrap Sandwich

Different kinds of tortilla wraps
Photo by Jonathan Petit on Unsplash

Wrap sandwiches are a perfect sandwich alternative, because they can help you add more veggies to your diet and avoid eating bread. However, even the healthiest wrap sandwich can turn into a calorie bomb if you add the wrong ingredients, so here are a few simple tricks for preparing healthy wraps.

Load It With Veggies

The best thing about wraps is that they’re the perfect tasty dish to add more vitamins, nutrients, and color into your diet by eating plenty of veggies. Fill your wraps with tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, bell peppers, and other veggies to reap the benefits of this tasty dish.

Skip Mayonnaise

Even though we all love eating it from time to time, skipping mayonnaise will also cut lots of calories and make your wraps way more healthy.

Use Whole Wheat Tortilla

Using whole wheat instead of white tortilla is also an easy way to make your wrap sandwich healthier, without having to sacrifice its taste. Whole wheat tortillas are equally tasty but way more nutritious because they’re higher in fiber.

Control Your Portions

Last but not least, keep in mind that controlling your portions and staying away from those huge wraps is just as important for maintaining a healthy diet.