Alternative Proteins to Try in Your Poke Bowl

Poke bowls are one of the world’s trendiest food items these days. Combining a classic Hawaiian dish known as poke, which is made with marinated raw tuna, onions, and other vegetables, with rice and other complements, poke bowls’ popularity has really taken off in recent years.

Tuna isn’t your only protein option in a poke bowl. Are you looking to try something else? Check out these three great protein options.


While octopus might not be a common seafood in many places, many cultures, such as those of Spain, Japan, and Greece, adore this cephalopod’s flavor. It goes surprisingly well as a tuna substitute in poke bowls, as its buttery and rich texture is a pleasant shock to many inexperienced eaters.

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Are you a little wary of the idea of eating raw fish in your poke bowl? Cooked shrimp can also be substituted as a protein option in a poke bowl, preserving the seafood essence of the dish while not offering worries about eating uncooked fish. It tastes great, too!


Looking for a vegan poke bowl protein option? Tofu is a great choice, as it easily acquires the flavors of the marinade in which it is prepared. The texture comes pretty close to the “real” thing of tuna, and you might be surprised at just how tasty it is.