Best YouTube Channels Every Vegan Must Follow

YouTube channels to follow
Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash

Learning how to cook delicious vegan dishes can be challenging for beginners, but there are many great YouTube bloggers that can help us learn everything we want to know about vegan diet. These are some of the best vegan channels you’ll find on YouTube.

“Peaceful Cuisine”

As the name of this channel suggests, Japanese chef Ryoya Takashima creates relaxing cooking videos with soothing background music, which makes the process of learning and cooking much more enjoyable.

“The Edgy Veg”

Candice Hutchings is a vegan chef and comedian from Canada, and she’s also one of the most popular vegan chefs on YouTube. Useful cooking tips, tasty recipes, and her humor is the reason why Hutchings has more than 400 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

“Cheap Lazy Vegan”

In case you’re looking for cheap vegan recipes that are also easy to prepare, Cheap Lazy Vegan is the perfect place for you. Rose Lee is on a mission to help people prepare easy and affordable vegan meals while promoting a sustainable lifestyle.