These Tips Will Elevate Your Cooking to the Next Level

Photo by Katie Smith on Unsplash

When you’re a beginner at cooking, everything seems difficult and complicated. But as you gain experience, you quickly learn that there are many different ways to achieve success in the kitchen with very little effort. Here are our favorite cooking tips everyone should know.

Cracking Eggs

Instead of trying to do it as they do in movies, on the edge of the bowl, crack your eggs on a flat surface. That way you won’t get shell parts in your food.

How to Ace the One-Handed Egg Crack – From @food52 . To learn, I reached out to Egg Shop’s Nick Korbee, a chef who cracks nearly 1,500 eggs on any given Sunday. And I started out with the tough questions: flat or sharp surface? gentle hand and sharp edge are just two components. To master the one-handed crack, hold the egg with the top (the slightly pointier side) in between the first knuckle and crook of your index finger. The base rests where the thumb meets the palm. From there, it’s what Korbee calles “a little thumb and finger workout.”You rear your thumb and finger back, pushing your thumb forward while pulling your fingers, and that should pull the shell and egg enough to let gravity do the work,” he says. “As you pull, the weight of the egg will increase the crack you made.” #f52grams #buzzfeedfood #eggcracking #crackingeggs #incredibleegg #incredibles2 #eggnutrition #eggontop #putaneggonit #eggs #breakfast #lunch #dinner #skills #skillsusa #culinary #culinaryarts #culinaryskills #culinarylife

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Cooking Oil

Not all oils react equally to high temperatures. For example, you shouldn’t use olive oil for cooking at all as it has a low smoking temperature, and this is when oils in general lose a lot of their nutrients and it can sometimes become potentially harmful. Sunflower oil, however, has a high smoking point, which is why its perfect for frying and sautéing.

Ready to Go

Before you start making a meal, make sure you read the recipe carefully and prepare all the ingredients you’ll need. You’ll be much less likely to ruin your food that way. You can even go about it the French way and make sure that all your ingredients are measured and prepped and all tools and equipment set out before you start cooking.

Too Much Salt?

If you notice your meal is too salty, throw in a peeled potato while it’s still cooking. It will absorb the excess salt and voila you have a perfectly salted dish!