Easter Food Traditions Around the World

Tsoureki. A Greek Easter tradition.
Image via viperagp/depositphoto

The religious holiday of Easter is set to take place on Sunday, April 4th this year. There are plenty of food traditions associated with this day across the planet and you could spend a lifetime traveling around the world to try all of the delicious Easter bites there are. Let’s take a look at three Easter staples from three different continents that are closely related to the holiday and downright delicious.

Argentina: Torta Pascualina

A dish with its origins in Italian immigrants to Argentina, this savory tart is now a favorite on the Easter holiday. Containing spinach, ricotta cheese, and hard-boiled eggs, this is a top choice for Easter breakfast or snacking.

Greece: Tsoureki

Heading to the Mediterranean, we find Greece and their Easter favorite, “tsoureki.” This sweet bread is made with milk, flour, sugar, and eggs and is flavored with dried fruits and spices including cinnamon. It’s often topped with slivered almonds, as well. Yum!

Mexico: Capirotada

Latin America sure is full of delicious Easter treats, isn’t it? In Mexico, you’ll find a dish known as capirotada. Toasted bread is used to make a sort of bread pudding that is sweetened with cane sugar and cinnamon and topped with sprinkles.