Family Cookbooks are a Great Way to Discover Classic Recipes

Family cookbooks are the best
Photo by Mike Gattorna on Unsplash

When you look to prepare a recipe, what’s the first resource that you turn to? These days, there are plenty of ways to find cooking information all over the place, from the internet to television shows to books. Unfortunately, this has taken a lot of the glory and importance away from a tool that has long served as the most important way to pass down instructions for making food from generation to generation: the family cookbook.

A Time Old Tradition

Back in the day, recipes were hand-passed down from grandmothers to grandchildren and from aunts to nieces and nephews. Whether that was orally or written, what ended up happening was that these unique, original ways for preparing food often ended up in a cookbook that is often carefully conserved by families.

If you are lucky enough to find one of these cookbooks, you should take the time to discover what these decades-old recipes contain and what your ancestors and forefathers consumed. It might require a leap of faith, but there are certainly things worth looking at and learning from in these books. Do you have a family cookbook? If so, have you given its top recipes a try?