How to Be More Responsible When Ordering Food From Quarantine

If you catch yourself craving a meal for your favorite restaurant in quarantine, ordering takeout could still be an option, but here’s a couple of ways to make sure you’re doing it in a responsible, safe, and ethical manner.

Being Supportive

Some food industry professionals may still be working, but that doesn’t mean they’re not putting their health at risk. If you can’t help but order food online, make sure it’s something you really need, try to order from small local restaurants that could use some help right now, and don’t forget to tip your delivery driver whenever possible.

Contact Free

Keeping distance is more important than ever when you’re encountering strangers who are constantly in contact with other people, and delivery drivers fall under this category. If contact-free delivery is not an option, wearing a face mask and gloves is a must.

Cleaning Up

As soon as your delivery arrives, make sure to throw away the packaging your food came in. It’s also recommended to disinfect the surfaces it came in contact with, and properly wash your hands before eating, for at least 20 seconds.

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