This Skittles Ice Cream is So Good and So Easy to Make

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Looking for a way to refresh yourself on a hot summer day? Then why don’t you try making Skittles ice cream? It is so good and so easy to make that it will become your ultimate summer treat.

All you need to make Skittles ice cream is a bag of Skittles, some water, heavy cream, condensed milk, and a freezer. That’s it; it’s that simple.

How to Make Skittles Ice Cream

The recipe for this awesome Skittles ice cream comes to us courtesy of food creator Patrick Zeinali. He uploaded the video recipe on his TikTok, and it received more than a million views in just a couple of weeks.

To make the ice cream, you’ll need a big bag of Skittles. Take them all out of the bag and arrange them by color. It might be a bit time-consuming, but it is worth it.

After that, mix each color of Skittles with a 1/3 cup of water in a pot and put on medium heat. Keep stirring until all the Skittles are melted.

Whip up a ½ cup of heavy cream and then add ¼ can of condensed milk and Skittles syrup. Mix with an electric mixer until you get an even color. Do the same for every color of Skittles syrup you have at your disposal.

Pour in a silicon freezer container by forming layers and pop in the freezer until completely frozen. Enjoy!

For more detailed instructions, check out Zeinali’s video below.