Strawberries. A luxury fruit.
Photo by Maksim Shutov on Unsplash

Oishii Berry’s Omakase Strawberry drew our attention mostly because of the unusually high price. These luxury fruits cost $5 per piece (and more) and we couldn’t help but wonder why.

Even the official description provided by the company doesn’t help us fully understand the price because it’s impossible to compare their strawberries with anything else. The company claims they are “an experience like no other”, and that they are “so pure, so intense, and so sublime”, even calling them “transformative”. If you want to try these unusual fruits, their prices vary from $5 upwards, with the larger pieces being $6.25.

Omakase strawberries first came to the U.S. in 2018 and they were exclusively available in NYC restaurants. They are now on their way to be available everywhere, as the company recently raised funds to grow more of these rare fruits.

Surprisingly, they are produced in New Jersey. “We had experts from Japan giving us insights on what kind of temp, humidity, and levels of CO² and wind speed we should be targeting inside the farm,” Grub Street quoted the founder and CEO of Oishii, Hiroki Koga.

Koga often compares his company’s product to Tesla cars, which is why they became known as “Tesla of strawberries”. They surely are expensive, but they are a true luxury that you must try at least once if you have a chance.