Tips for Making the Best Ravioli

Ravioli tips
Photo by Nicolas Cuestas on Unsplash

Generally speaking, Italian food is more or less easy to make. The cuisine usually uses simple techniques that are relatively easy to master, especially with experience. The idea is that the ingredients are what shine through. That being said, ravioli is one of the more challenging types of Italian food to make, especially if you don’t have experience making your own pasta. But it’s super delicious and satisfying, so it’s worth trying. Plus, these tips will make it easier.

Make Your Pasta as Thin as Possible

One important key to good ravioli is having the right pasta to filling ratio, and if your pasta is too thick, you’ll definitely be able to tell. So take the extra time and effort to roll out your pasta dough as thin as you can. A pasta roller is a great tool that will make it much easier.

Over-Season the Filling

Another effect of having your filling wrapped in dough is that the pasta will kind of neutralize the flavors of the filling. That’s why it’s common practice to slightly over-season ravioli filling, so it doesn’t come out too bland.

Be Careful Sealing

It might not seem like the trickiest part, but sealing your ravioli can be easy to fumble. If you don’t seal it all the way around, your filling will leak. And if you trap air bubbles into your ravioli, it might explode when being cooked. So take your time and be attentive when it’s time to seal.