These Tips Will Help You Make Killer Lasagna

Lasagna tips
Photo by sunorwind on Unsplash

You don’t have to be Garfield the cat to love lasagna. It’s a pretty universally adore-able food. Soft layers of pasta, creamy sauce, and a fun, layered bite: what’s there not to like? Best of all, it’s rather easy to make at home. And with these tips, you’ll make your best lasagna ever.

Make Extra Sauce

The last thing you want is a bite of lasagna that’s dry and burnt without enough sauce to add flavor to the noodles. That’s why we think it’s a great idea to make a bit of extra sauce that you can serve on the side for people to dollop onto any dry bites they get.

Let it Crisp

Let’s be honest; everybody’s favorite part of the lasagna is the crispy pieces you get in the corners. If you want to increase your lasagna’s crisp factor, cut your top pasta sheet(s) to be a little bit oversized so that the edges butt up against the casserole dish. They’ll get ultra crispy and delicious.

Get Layered

Have you ever noticed that restaurants tend to make lasagna with a ton of layers? Like 20 to 50? It’s a bit ambitious to try to pull that off at home, but you can try to do 8 to 10. That’ll make for a super fun bite.