Top 3 Tips For Improving Your Kale Smoothies

Kale smoothie
Photo by Jan Sedivy on Unsplash

Green smoothies have been very popular for quite some time, and kale smoothies happen to be one of the most popular options on the market. Despite their many healthy properties, some people avoid them because their taste isn’t always that great, but you can make it much better with these useful tips.

Kale Choice

Its bitter, peppery flavor is the main reason why so many people aren’t fans of kale, but this veggie doesn’t always taste this way. Ditch full stalks for baby kale and you’ll be impressed by how delicious your smoothies will taste after this tiny change.

Stems or No Stems?

If you decide to use regular stems in your smoothies, at least carefully pick the parts that you’re going to put inside your blender. Consider chopping stems beforehand because they’re too tough and fibrous to taste good and be properly blended.

Other Ingredients

Kale will make your smoothies extra-healthy, but it will never be the main source of its delicious flavor. You’ll need a perfect combination of add-ins to make your smoothies tasty, ranging from honey and peanut butter to Greek yogurt and sweet fruits, such as banana, pineapples, and mango.