What to Make With October Fruits

Photo by Quin Engle on Unsplash

It’s always a good idea to use fruit while it’s in season, because that’s when it’s cheapest and most delicious. October has plenty of yummy fruits that it brings with its cooling weather, and there’s plenty of yummy recipes to make with each. Here are a few dishes you can make with some of the fruits in season this month.

Figs: Fig Upside Down Cake

Figs can be used in a number of cakes and bars, and go especially well in more “healthy” recipes thanks to their taste which is quite sweet. This recipe for fig upside-down cake is a little healthier than its pineapple counterpart, but every bit as sweet and delicious.

Grapes: Torta Bertolina

As the fruit best known for wine comes ripe this year, try out this traditional Italian grape cake. Most commonly made with concord grapes, you can also try out other kinds to your own tastes.

Pomegranate: Kale Salad

Pomegranates make a great salad garnish, particularly on a salad made with leafy greens such as kale or baby spinach. Use things like nuts, goat cheese, red wine vinegar, and quinoa to match its sweet, tart addition to your salad. They also make a great add-in to tabouli for a pop of color and sweetness.