The Creepiest Cocktails for Your Adult Halloween Party

Halloween cocktail
Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

One of the most fun types of parties we get to throw or attend every year is a Halloween party! As kids, they were a super fun excuse to eat candy and dress up. As adults, they are…still a super fun excuse to eat candy and dress up. But, we can drink, too! So if you’re planning to throw a party this Halloween or if you’ve thrown one every year and need some new ideas, here are some themed cocktails to try out!

A Nightcap On Elm Street

Named for the famous horror film and combining the evergreen fall flavor of maple with the trendy flavor of cold brew, this boozy coffee-and-rum cocktail uses orange and bitters, maple syrup, and tonic for a unique and refreshing (and creepy) taste.

Zombie Mezcal Margaritas

These super-green margaritas with some eyeball-like decoration from The California Local are a great “zombified” version of a classic drink that’s perfect for Halloween. Use halved and pitted grapes or lychees with blueberries on a toothpick to create “eyes” that sit atop the drink, and matcha for the ultra-green color.

Code Blue

Created by Punk Rock Bar Cart, this blue creation inspired by a creepy hard-rock song is a fizzy, sweet drink that will refresh your guests while getting them in the Halloween spirit.