3 Multimedia Tools for Expanding Your Kitchen Skills

Media platforms to become a better chef
Photo by Mollie Sivaram on Unsplash

Back in the day, people had to rely on either cookbooks or lessons from family members or a cooking school if they wanted to improve their skills in the kitchen. Fortunately, in 2021, that isn’t the case! There are a huge number of multimedia platforms that you can use to improve in the kitchen and learn how to make new things. These are some of the most helpful!


The wealth of information that aspiring cooks can find on YouTube knows no bounds. From kitchen hacks to recipes from YouTubers around the world that show you how to make unique and exotic dishes, you’ll find a channel for anything you need on this free website.


The classic subscription service of Netflix offers a variety of shows that will teach you about food around the world and the chefs who make it come to life. Favorites such as Chef’s Table and The Great British Baking Show are just two examples of the great content you’ll find.


TikTok has exploded in popularity recently as a short video app where content creators look to make some of the most unique and inventive content possible. This has extended to the realm of cooking and recipe making, and many foodies share their wisdom here.