3 Reasons to Add Olive Oil to Your Diet

Olive Oil
Photo by RF Studio on Pexels

Studies have shown that people who eat the Mediterranean diet, live longer and healthier lives on average than those who do not. But, what is this diet, and what can we do to follow it? In simple terms, one can get closer to achieving this diet by simply swapping out canola or vegetable oil out with olive oil. Keep reading for three reasons why you should you should add olive oil to your diet.

Heart Healthy

Olive oil is proven to be high in omega 3 fatty acids that contribute to overall heart. Consuming more of these fatty acids contributes to better cholesterol, and lowered risks of heart disease , heart attack, and stroke. Olive oil is also much higher in antioxidants than vegetable oil, which contributes to lower risk of certain diseases.


Olive oil is one of the finest and tastiest oils on the market, and is especially delicious when bought fresh, organically, and from a single origin such as Italy, Greece, or Israel. These regions produce some of the highest quality olive oils in the world, and are tasty in pastas, salads, and lean meat.

Low Smoke Point

Olive oil has a lower smoke point than most other oils, making it a better alternative for cooking veggies and lean meats, paramount to the Mediterranean diet.