3 Ways to Use a Drawer Underneath the Oven

Oven drawer
Photo by Alex Lam on Unsplash

Have you noticed that drawer below your oven? What do you do with it? Many people store baking dishes there, but perhaps there’s a better way to use it. It can have a few different purposes, and here are some of them.

Broiler Drawer

Gas stoves with a heating unit on the bottom typically have a broiler drawer, which can be used to brown casseroles, roast vegetables, or warm up something. Make sure you use oven-safe dishes because the temperature in the broiler drawer can get really high. Since you can’t see the dish like you can in the main part of the oven, check it often.

Warming Drawer

Look for the “warming drawer” button on your oven, and if you find one, you know what to use the drawer for! It’s useful for pies, casseroles, meats, and many other foods, especially when you finish cooking early and don’t want your food to get cold before eating.

Storage Drawer

Of course, you can always use this drawer for storage, and on many stoves, the drawer is just that. It fits baking sheets, pans, and other dishes so they don’t take up valuable cabinet space. It’s a good idea to check the manual and see what’s the intended purpose of your own oven drawer.