4 Cool Tips for Cooking With Onions

Photo by vivek sharma on Unsplash

America loves onions. As a matter of fact, only potatoes and tomatoes are in front of onions in the United States in terms of vegetable consumption. This isn’t such a surprise considering that this veggie is flavorful and can make many dishes taste better.

Now, the only downside to onions, besides the fact that they make us cry, is that cooking with them isn’t always the easiest thing to do. This is why we decided to bring you some cool tips that will make cooking with onions easy and fun.

Pick the Right Onion

Not all onions are the same, so you should select the right onion depending on the type of dish. For example, if your dish doesn’t require onion to be cooked, then use red onion, which is great when eaten raw. On the other hand, yellow and white onions are better for cooking.

Let Them Rest

If you want a stronger flavor and more nutrients in your onion, then you should let it rest after dicing it. This will also allow the chemical compound allicin, which has been scientifically proven to have some positive benefits for humans, to build up and be unaffected by the cooking process.

Don’t Forget to Salt Them

Salting the onions is an important step in cooking that many often forget. When you salt the onions, they will release moisture and cook quicker.

Avoid Overcrowding the Pan

Whether you are caramelizing or sautéing your onions, you will want to use a big pan as you can. This is because onions don’t like to be overcrowded when cooked. The moisture can’t evaporate due to lack of room and they will cook slower and unevenly.