5 Food Trends Taking Pinterest By Storm This Summer

Tea party
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Each new season brings some amazing food trends our way, and we’ll get the taste of quite a few new crazes this summer. From avocado and mango desserts to themed tea and dinner parties, here are five Pinterest trends worth trying if you’re in the mood to put a delicious twist on your summer.

Avocado Craze

Avocado toast is never going out of style, but you should consider discovering some new ways to eat avocados this summer, from shakes and ice cream to avocado fries.

Sourdough Experiments

Despite hot summer temperatures, sourdough experiments made it to Pinterest’s trend forecast. Sourdough bagels, tortillas, and croutons are having a moment with baking enthusiasts this season.

Mango Desserts

Mangos will be ripe for reinvention this season, which will introduce us to many fun new ways to eat them, from mango floats and mango sago to mango chia seed pudding.

Themed Dinner Parties

If you’re in the mood for a themed party, but drinking tea in the summer simply isn’t your thing, don’t despair. Themed dinner parties are having a moment on Pinterest, with fairy dinner parties, Greek dinner parties, and coastal dinner parties emerging as the most-searched terms.

Hot Tea Summer

Hot tea summer is upon us, with Persian tea, matcha milk tea, and strawberry ice tea surging in popularity on Pinterest, along with Bridgerton-inspired tea parties.