Add These IPAs to Your Beer List This Spring

Spring is here, finally! The days are getting longer, the nights are getting shorter, and the mercury on our thermometers is finally starting to rise after the long and cold winter season. 

Beer lovers know that our suds preferences tend to change with this new season, as we opt for lighter and more herbal and fruity beers after preferring dark stouts and porters during the cold months of the year. IPAs are always a favorite at this time of year, and here are three recommendations for IPA styles to add to your spring grocery list!

Session IPA

Session IPAs are a big trend in this beer style, offering the hoppy and fruity flavor of a regular IPA while lowering the style’s alcohol content and heaviness. Session IPAs typically clock in around 3.5%-4.5% ABV, making them a perfect option to drink on those long patio evenings or while doing yard work.

New England IPA

Looking for a beer that bursts with fruit flavors? New England IPAs are a perfect choice! Spring tends to liven our senses and awake our taste buds, and the heavy tropical notes of the hop-light NEIPA style is a perfect complement to the turning of the calendar.

Belgian IPA

Belgian beers are known for being funky and fresh, and this trademark carries over to the Belgian IPA beer style. Belgian yeasts add a funkiness to the classic hop-heavy flavor of an IPA, making a unique creation that’s a must for die-hard beer lovers.