Avoid These Common Mistakes if You Want to Make Tasty Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese
Photo by Ronmar Lacamiento/Pexels

Making boxed mac and cheese doesn’t require much wisdom. But cooking it from scratch can be quite a challenge. This is why you need to avoid the following mistakes to have tasty mac and cheese every time you make it.

Using Any Pasta Shape

Pasta shape plays a greater role than you might think. The best pasta for great mac and cheese is short and small, like elbow macaroni or penne. This allows the cheese to spread evenly and gives you a cheesy delight in each bite.

Not Cooking the Pasta Properly

When cooking pasta, you want it to be cooked al dente before you add the cheese sauce. If you intend to bake mac and cheese in the oven, then you should aim for slightly undercooked. Overcooking your pasta will give it a mushy consistency and ruin the experience.

Skipping the Seasoning

If you don’t salt your pasta water properly, the whole dish will taste bland regardless of the cheese sauce. Speaking about the cheese sauce, you should also consider adding some seasoning to it, like smoked paprika or nutmeg.

Not Experimenting

Mac and cheese can be anything you want it to be. Move away from the traditional structure and experiment a bit. Use a combination of cheeses for a more intense flavor, or add some toppings like crunchy bacon.