Best Types of Apple to Use When Baking Apple Pies

Apple pie
Photo by Kavya P K on Unsplash

There’s nothing quite like surprising your loved ones with a warm and tasty apple pie once fall and winter arrive. This dessert is synonymous with colder seasons, and making it with firm and crisp apples will make it extra-delicious, especially if you opt for these three.

Granny Smith

Granny Smith is one of the first apple varieties that comes to mind when someone mentions apple pies. It’s the perfect choice due to its firmness, and your apple pie will never be mushy if you’re using it. In case you find its flavor too strong, consider mixing it up with other, sweeter verities.

Honey Crisp

Honey Crisp is also an extremely popular choice for apple pies because it’s firm and does a great job holding its shape while baking. It also has a perfectly nice and sweet flavor, and it doesn’t hurt its case that it won’t release too much juice during the baking process.


Braeburn may not be as popular as some other apple varieties, but it’s one of the best possible choices that you could make when it comes to apple pies. Its flavor is pretty interesting, and it will give your pie a perfect balance between sweet and tart.