Diane Morrisey Puts a Twist on Eggs With Her Creative Recipes

Most people don’t see eggs as one of the foods that you can get extremely creative with—and then there’s Diane Morrisey. This food blogger will completely change the way that you see eggs, and here are some of her most unique recipes that you have to try ASAP.

Baked Bacon and Egg in Avocado Boats

Eggs and avocados are a timeless combo, but we’re pretty sure you’ve never eaten them this way before. Take a break from regular avocado toast and take things to a whole new level with this creative dish.

Roasted Breakfast Tomatoes

Morrisey is a huge fan of stuffing all sorts of different veggies with eggs. After doing it with avocados, she decided to give tomatoes a shot and the final result was just as delicious.

Hawaiian Roll Baked Eggs

This recipe allows you to make Hawaiian sweet dinner rolls extra-delicious by lining them with some prosciutto, sprinkling them with some cheese, and cracking eggs on top of them.

Puff Pastry Eggs

Do you have puff pastries in your freezer, but aren’t in the mood to simply bake them as they are? Get ready to put a twist on them by cracking some eggs and topping them with some bacon.