Everything You Need to Know About Storing Onions

Photo by Vivek Sharma on Unsplash

Onions are among the most commonly used ingredients in cooking. They work well with all sorts of dishes, making them a must in every kitchen. However, in order for them to do their magic, they have to be fresh and of acceptable quality.

One way to always get the best onions is to shop for them anytime you need them. But let’s face it, not a lot of people have time for that. The alternative is to buy them in bulk and then make sure to store them properly. Here is how to do it.

Store Them in a Paper Bag with Holes

It is crucial to keep onions away from the plastic packaging. Plastic doesn’t allow for good air ventilation, which plays an important role in keeping onions fresh. Instead, store the onions in a paper bag and then punctuate several holes in it. This will allow the air to circulate and prevent the onions from going bad.

Keep Them Dry and Cold

Another important thing to keep in mind is that onions need to be in a dry and cold place. Exposure to moisture and heat will speed up the deterioration of quality.

Don’t Give Them Company

You should keep onions away from other veggies and fruit. Onions will transfer their odor to other vegetables and fruit, spoiling their taste. On the other hand, some veggies and fruit release moisture or gases that can make onions go bad.