Fall in Love With Non-Alcoholic Cocktails With The Mindful Mocktail

Mocktails experienced a true boom in recent years and made it to countless lists of leading drink trends. They’re going stronger than ever right now, and if you still haven’t discovered the magic of mixing up non-alcoholic cocktails, The Mindful Mocktail will help you out.

This Instagram page is the internet’s No. 1 place for mocktail lovers and it was founded by the Australian food blogger Natalie. She always enjoyed tinkering in the kitchen and decided to transfer her love to mixology after she gave up alcohol.

“I’ve always been a foodie at heart and when I stopped drinking alcohol I transferred my love of cooking and flavor pairing to creating delicious drinks. I think I have found a great balance between easy mocktails, and slightly more involved recipes,” she explains on her official website.

Since founding The Mindful Mocktail, Natalie has been on a mission to provide her followers with healthy non-alcoholic cocktails. She avoids adding excess sugar to her mocktails, using fresh fruit, aromatic spices, and herbs to make them delicious.

Mocktails on her website are categorized both by season and by ingredient, ranging from watermelon and pineapple to strawberry and mint. No matter what your favorite flavor is, you’ll definitely find a mocktail that suits your taste in Natalie’s rich catalog.