Garlic Magic: How You Cut It Can Change the Flavor

Photo by Nick Collins/Pexels

If you’ve ever wondered why some dishes have a subtle garlic essence while others pack a bold garlicky punch, you’re in for a flavorful revelation. The secret lies in how you cut this humble bulb. Join us on a culinary journey where we uncover the garlic magic and learn how slicing, dicing, or crushing can transform your dishes.


Mincing garlic creates tiny pieces that release their flavor quickly when exposed to heat. This cut is perfect for dishes where you want a subtle garlic background, like salad dressings or sautéed vegetables.

Super Slices

Slicing garlic cloves produces thin, delicate rounds that offer a gentle and evenly distributed garlic essence. Use this cut when you want a mild garlic presence in stir-fries, pasta dishes, or roasted vegetables.


Dicing garlic results in small, flavorful cubes that provide bursts of garlic goodness. This cut shines in dishes like soups, stews, and sauces where you desire a robust garlic flavor.


Crushing garlic releases its full, robust flavor and aroma. This method is your go-to when you want a powerful garlic presence, such as in garlic bread, aioli, or marinades.


Roasting whole garlic bulbs transforms their sharp, pungent taste into a sweet, mellow delight. This method is perfect for spreading on bread or incorporating into creamy dips.

The Infused Oils:

  • Flavor Elixirs: Infusing oils with garlic imparts a subtle, aromatic flavor that elevates dressings, sautés, and marinades. It’s an excellent way to add depth to your cooking oils.
  • Infusion Technique: Heat your oil gently in a pan, add garlic slices or cloves (peeled), and let them simmer on low heat until fragrant. Remove the garlic before using the oil.