How to Stop Boiled Eggs From Cracking Instantly

Boiled eggs
Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

Hard-boiled eggs are a staple snack, and you might think they’re super simple but they can easily go wrong. The last thing you want is your egg cracking in the water, so try these simple tricks to reduce cracking and mess when boiling eggs.

Take them Out of the Fridge

There’s a neverending debate about whether eggs should be kept in the fridge or not. Regardless of what your preference is, just make sure they’re not in the fridge for a while before using them. The sharp temperature change from fridge to boiling water will make the shells much more likely to crack than if they are left at room temperature for a while before the heat.

Put Plenty of Salt in the Water

Salty water causes egg whites to solidify much quicker than non-salty water, so this is a clever way to reduce the spillage if you do get a small crack. The egg white turning solid ultimately seals the crack and stops the egg’s insides from coming out entirely. 

Lower them in Gently With a Tablespoon

If you put the egg on the spoon and very gradually lower it in, letting some of the hot water come onto the spoon, and then eventually submerge the egg in water slowly this allows the shells to gradually build up to the boiling water. This also stops them from hitting into the pan too hard which is also a recipe for an instant crack.