How to Use Lemongrass In Your Cooking

Lemongrass is an herb native to a few parts of the globe, but most specifically Asia. Lemongrass is used in loads of different dishes, from curries to soups to tea. But, lemongrass is not something you can use right away in your dishes, because it is a long stalk that needs to be treated correctly. However, it is very simple to master and once you do, you won’t be short of ideas of how to use it.

How to prepare it:

The way to prepare the stalk is simple. First, start off by cutting the end of the stalk. Then, smash the entire stalk with a hard wooden spoon, a rolling pin, or anything hard. This will break the stalks up just enough to release the juices. Then, cut them in the bias, or diagonally.

When to use:

Lemongrass is a key ingredient in many dishes. Some of the more famous ones include tom yum soup, larb, green curry paste, and more. Adding lemongrass to your dishes will give you slight citrus notes, and a boost of all around freshness. You can also boil it with just water to make tea, which is said to be very healing as well as delicious.