Make These Easy and Healthy 2-Ingredient Cookies Today

Two-ingredient cookies
Photo by Rai Vidanes on Unsplash

When it comes to healthy food, all we want is for it to taste good and to not take forever to make. That’s exactly what these cookies offer. You only need two ingredients to make them and it won’t take you more than several minutes. They are perfect for a quick snack whenever you feel like it or when you have some unannounced guests coming over. So how do you make them?

First Steps

With no added sugar, these cookies are a great choice for virtually anyone. Their sweetness comes from fruit so they will satisfy any craving you have while keeping you full longer and providing you some vitamins and fiber.

In order to make them, all you need is some finely shredded coconut and bananas. It’s important to have the coconut finely shredded because you need it to basically replace flour. Regular coconut flour won’t give you good results.

What to Remember

When it comes to bananas, they should be very ripe so they can be pureed. Ripe bananas also taste sweeter, which is important here. They will also provide a soft texture and make your cookies perfect. You can experiment with some other fruit purees, but bananas will generally give you the best flavor. Find the full recipe at Kirbie’s Cravings!