Make Your Own Coffee Ice Cubes

With springtime here and summertime just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about cold coffee drinks! We love ordering an iced latte during the summer for a cool caffeine boost, and let’s be honest: the options out there for cold drinks for coffee lovers are practically endless.

It’s undeniable, though, that one of the worst parts of any coffee drink is when the ice cubes start to melt and your drink takes on a bland watery flavor. So, how can you fix that?

Have you ever thought about making your own coffee ice cubes? Here’s how!


  1. Make a strong batch of coffee, around 16 ounces in total. You can do this by making your coffee in a Moka pot or simply by adding more coffee than you normally would to a traditional drip coffee maker.
  2. Wait for the coffee to cool, and then transfer it to an ice cube tray that you would use for making normal cubes. Place it into the freezer, allow them to set, and then your coffee ice cubes are ready!
  3. You can use them to cool down your favorite coffee drink without losing any of the flavor of the beverage. Enjoy!