Secrets to Making the Perfect Quiche

Slice of quiche with a side salad
Photo by James Harris on Unsplash

Have you ever tried making a quiche before? We’re huge fans of this savory recipe which combines milk, eggs, and other ingredients to make a dish that is great for both breakfast and brunch occasions. Pulling off the perfect quiche can take some practice and some know-how, and these tips will help you ensure that yours turns out perfect.

Get the Milk to Egg Ratio Right

Arguably the most important thing that you must do right in order to ensure a great quiche is finding the right ratio of milk to eggs. For large eggs, you will want to use a half cup of milk per egg. This makes for a quiche with just the right level of moisture and thickness.

Don’t Overbake

One thing that is sure to ruin any good quiche, no matter how perfect you are when choosing and mixing ingredients, is overbaking. Blind bake the crust first in order to make it finish cooking at the same time as the egg mixture, and then bake both ingredients at 350 F for 30-40 minutes.

Perfect the Fillings

Milk and eggs are the base of any quiche, but you’ll find that using only these two ingredients will result in a pretty boring end product. Try implementing meat and/or veggies in order to spice up your quiche and make it more filling and delicious.