Spain’s Favorite Tasty Desserts

Spain dishes
Photo by bantersnaps on Unsplash

One of the world’s great unknown gastronomic paradises is the southwest European country of Spain. While it doesn’t have the international profile of other countries like Italy or Japan, the number of must-sample dishes that come from Spain is enormous.

Spaniards like dessert and have a huge sweet tooth, meaning that you will find plenty of desserts that you have to try either at Spanish restaurants or in the country itself. Here are three that you cannot miss.

Arroz con Leche

This rice-based dessert combines a sweet, milky sauce that is topped with cinnamon and served cold as a classic option for those with a sweet tooth. This dessert has also become popular in other countries that were once part of the Spanish Empire.

Chocolate con Churros

Churros are good, but have you ever tried them dipped in hot chocolate sauce? That is exactly what many Spaniards, especially those who live in Madrid, choose as a tasty, sweet breakfast or afternoon snack.


Spaniards especially love indulging in sweet treats at Christmas Time, and turrón is the most beloved of their sweets and snacks. Made traditionally with almond and honey as its main ingredients, you can also find other varieties like chocolate turrón.