“Squid Game” Dalgona Cookie Recipe

Squid Game is a new show on Netflix that has taken the world by storm. It aired in September 2021 and quickly became Netflix’s most-watched show ever. The story follows 456 contestants in a mysterious game who join because of the promise of a big prize before realizing that they’re putting their lives at risk. One of the games played in the series involves a traditional Korean Dalgona cookie and it seems like everyone’s trying to recreate it these days. Here’s how you can make it at home.

Dalgona is a sugary cookie made out of only two ingredients: sugar and baking soda. Besides being a popular dessert, it’s also a prop in one Korean children’s game. The cookies are made with pre-cut shapes in them and the goal is to carve out the shape without breaking the cookie. The trick is in the cookie’s daintiness and fragileness, which makes this a real challenge.

Whether you want to try the game with your friends or simply to try the cookie and see how it tastes like, making it is not too difficult. Many people have shared their recipes and tricks recently so finding a resource shouldn’t be a problem. One example recipe is in the video below.


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