Step Into The Magical World of Swiss Rolls With Katarina Cermelj

Swiss rolls usually don’t get as much attention as they deserve, but Katarina Cermelj decided to change that. This delicious dessert is a staple on her food blog The Loopy Whisk, and we’re bringing you some of the most mouth-watering variations.

Chocolate Swiss Rolls

Amature bakers who are still new to making Swiss rolls should kick things off with this basic recipe. After mastering the art of baking a gluten-free sponge roll, all you have to do is fill it with mascarpone whipped cream and chocolate ganache glaze.

Chocolate & Hazelnut Swiss Roll

Cermelj shared several variations of her signature chocolate Swiss rolls with her loyal followers. This one tastes even more delicious than the original recipe because it also contains shredded hazelnuts.

Tiramisu Swiss Roll

Tiramisu is one of the staples of Italian cuisine, and this delicious Swiss roll tastes just like it. Adding some coffee to the sponge roll is all it takes to give this roll that delicious tiramisu flavor, while coffee soak and mascarpone whipped cream filling made it truly pop.

Raspberry Swiss Roll

Cermelj decided to take a break from chocolate and put a refreshing twist on Swiss rolls with this dessert, composed of a tasty vanilla roll and a raspberry filling.